Dear visitor,

are you looking for psychotherapy, business-coaching or consulting, because of

  • separation, crisis or grief
  • burnout or business issues
  • depression, anxiety disorder or other symptoms
  • or patchwork-family questions?

Our spectrum includes

  • PBSP®/Pesso-Therapy (body-oriented psychotherapie)
  • target/solution driven methods
  • systemic therapie/coaching
  • couples therapy

Which we offer in one-to-one sessions or workshops and groups.

We appreciate to accompany you a part of your lifeway!

Homevisits or sessions via telephone or skype are also possible.

Please contact us for further information,

yours,  Dorothea Habicht & partners

Fon: 089 | 120 139 39
Mob: 0151 | 144 772 48

E-Mail: info@dorothea-habicht.de